This is Villa Manus

MANUS (lat. manus) = hands

The Villa Manus is a product of our wish to put together all our strengths, occupations and interests. Since my father and brother run a small construction company, renovating the old house in order to become boutique villa was not a problem for us at all. Sandra and I share the same passion about interior design - of course we are both amateurs, but we like to experiment with different styles and we really love details. I studied art history and have always been very interested in architecture and design. I am an aesthete who possess the eye for exquisite design and detail. In the interior design one of my favorite details are paintings and art prints.

So far, we already decorated some of our apartments, so at least we knew where to start, but Villa Manus was a huge step for the three of us. Since we wanted to create some contemporary and cosy apartments for both families, couples or friends, the idea above all was to create a functional space and a comfortable apartments with some decorative items. We wanted to keep it simple, minimalistic but with some compatible additional colours. 

The house was built in early 90's and the idea to renovate the house in a contemporary Mediterranean style came naturally. Probably you have already noticed the dark grey/black „boxes“ as windows or doors. White facade is in contrast with those black boxes, but in concordance with the Mediterranean garden where most of the planted plants are evergreen bushes and aromatic plants like lavender, sage, rosemary and myrtle. 

Those hands are saying:  Hello! Hello to You traveller and be welcomed at our Villa.


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The most prominent part of whole Villa are hands on facade that you immediately notice while approaching Villa. The idea of placing hands as a facade installation came initially from the designer Svjetlana Despot who gave us some ideas for the design, both interior and exterior.

In addition to that, we decided to relate hands with the Villa name and brand and to create a whole story that is hands related.

Accordingly to that, the Villa Manus apartments are named after famous people who did something with their hands and are somehow related to Lovran or spent some time in Lovran.

Want to know more about those famous people? Read our next blog coming soon !


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